Digitally well positioned in all areas.


In the field of auditing, we work with audicon software. audicon GmbH is the world's leading provider of software and methodological know-how in the areas of audit, risk and compliance. We document our audit scope and audit workflow completely digitally in audit template. Data exchange with you, our client, generally takes place via the DSGVO-compliant audicon Cloud. Due to these digital possibilities, we are able, if necessary, to carry out annual audits without having to be on site with you in the long term,  as  far as this is permissible within the framework of professional law. Furthermore, data can be uploaded to the cloud in a structured overview not only on an ad hoc basis, but can also be exchanged at an early stage in the process of preparing the annual financial statements. The proactive provision of information can result in significant time savings on the client side, as duplicate activities are eliminated. Furthermore, the use of the customisable cloud offers a higher security standard than unencrypted e-mail transmission, among other things due to a 2-factor certification. Furthermore, we use the IDEA App TAP for mass data analysis as part of our activities. The IDEA App TAP is the optimal tool for analysing financial accounting. At the same time, this software is also used by the German tax authorities in the context of external tax audits.

tax consulting

In the area of processing income tax returns, DATEV Meine Steuern offers us a digital solu-tion. Via DATEV Meine Steuern, you can provide us with your documents digitally at any time, exchange data with us and communicate. This is also possible via an app on your Smart-Phone at any time from anywhere in the world. Tiresome collecting of receipts and compiling of documents for the income tax return are a thing of the past. With the electronic release via DATEV Meine Steuern, the last step is also carried out in digital form.

For the upcoming property tax reform in 2022, we can exchange the necessary data and information with you digitally via the software of fino taxtech GmbH, a subsidiary of DATEV eG, and support you here in the best possible, efficient and structured way. We also have com-prehensive access to all common online databases in the area of tax law.

legal advice

Digital work is also a matter of course for us in our legal work: we agree draft contracts with you digitally and then negotiate them in digital communication with your contractual partners or their lawyers. You will receive our draft pleadings digitally for your information and approval before they are sent to the court. By using the "special electronic mailbox" (beA) and the beA app, we communicate electronically with all courts. With digital record keeping, we have secure access to your central data from any location at any time. We have comprehen-sive access to online legal databases (Beck-Online etc.) in all relevant areas. Team and zoom video conferencing are also a matter of course for us for general meetings, as well as for court proceedings if and to the extent that the courts offer this, especially, for example, in the context of fiscal jurisdiction.


We show you the way to efficient financial accounting, payroll accounting and payment pro-cessing: paperless and automated. We make evaluations for your company browser-supported in real time and available everywhere: transparent as a business graphic or as a "drill down" to the accounting document. We connect your upstream systems with our DATEV world for financial accounting and payroll, provide you with GDPdU-compliant archiving options with full-text search and open up access for external solutions for commercial issues such as digitalised travel expense management or workflows for the internal control and release of digital receipts. You have access to your wage evaluations and to the digital personnel file at any time. You can also transfer preliminary wage records to us. Your employees can receive their pay slips digitally via Arbeitnehmer-Online.


Do you have any questions?

Do you require a tax consultant, public auditor and/or lawyer? The professional partnership FRIEBE – PRINZ + PARTNER mbB in Lüdenscheid and the affiliated companies with locations in Hagen, Olpe and Schwerte would be happy to advise you on all topics in these areas.