Areas of competence

Performing statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements and special audits

  • Conducting statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements scaled according to company size
  • Conducting voluntary and statutory special audits such as due diligence, fraud examinations and audits in accordance with the Ordinance on Brokers and Property Developers (§ 16 MaBV)

Company valuations in accordance with IDW S 1 and simplified procedures

  • Application of performance-oriented valuation methods for the future such as the capitalised earnings or discounted cash flow method to determine an objectified or subjective business value within the meaning of IDW S 1 (Standard 1 of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany)
  • Valuation of companies based on frequently used market-oriented valuation methods (also known as “valuation based on multiples” or “market approach”)
  • Valuations according to the simplified capitalised earnings method, in particular for the valuation of companies or shares in companies as part of a value assessment for estate or gift tax purposes

Audits of municipal institutions according to NKR/NKF

  • Audit according to the New Municipal Accounting System (“Neues Kommunales Rechnungswesen”, NKR) or the New Municipal Financial Management System (“Neues Kommunales Finanzmanagement”, NKF)
  • Support in replacing fiscal accounting with a double-entry budget and accounting system

Plausibility assessment of annual financial statements

  • Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with IDW S 7 with the issuance of certificates to meet the requirements of § 18 of the German Banking Act (“Kreditwesengesetz”, KWG) and the minimum requirements for risk management at financial institutions (“Mindestanforderungen an das Risikomanagement der Kreditinstitute”, MaRisk)
  • Business audit in accordance with IDW PS 900, annual, consolidated and interim financial statements and other financial statements, individual components of financial statements or other financial reporting documents (e.g. balance sheets, financial statements in accordance with other national financial reporting standards) to increase the reliability of financial reporting statements

Audit and development of control structures (ICS, internal audit, organisational consultancy)

  • Conceptual design and support of projects for increased efficiency of accounting-related activities and processes

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